How to Use Guide: 4G LTE™ Activation

Activate a New 4G device with an existing Verizon Wireless SIM

This transaction is for customers who have a 4G LTE device and already have a Verizon Wireless certified SIM card for the device.

  1. Log in to My Business.
  2. In the Manage Account tab, click on Manage Wireless Numbers.

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  3. On the Wireless Numbers and Users page, check the wireless number you want to activate.

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  4. From the Actions dropdown menu, select Activate Equipment and click the Continue button.

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    Note: You may also begin the Activate a Device process from the Wireless Number Center. For the wireless number you want to activate, click on the Activate link next to Device ID.

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  5. Enter the New Device ID for your new 4G LTE device, then click the Continue button. If necessary, install Backup Assistant to transfer contacts from an old device to the new one.

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  6. If you received a new SIM card:
    1. Remove the SIM card from your previous device without touching the gold electrical contacts.
    2. Locate the SIM card slot or tray on your phone, usually under the battery or on one of the sides.
    3. Gently insert the new SIM card, aligning the notched corner with image on the SIM card slot or tray.

    For help installing your SIM card refer to our Device Specific Simulators, then choose your phone.

  7. If you are on a current, 4G-eligible price plan, please skip to step 8. If you are not on a current, 4G-eligible price plan, you will be required to change your price plan.

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  8. Select your desired price plan, then click the Continue button.

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  9. Select your desired feature from the list below. Features that have been pre-selected or are part of your current plan will already be checked. When finished click Continue.

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  10. Review your Plan & Feature selections, enter your Requestor Email Address and Requestor Phone Number, and click the Submit button to process the activation.

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