Tap into a better network.

Get more data and more control at the push of a button on the new Verizon Plan.

  • Get 30% more data. Plus, keep your unused data for another month with Carryover Data.
  • Take total control. Tap the new My Verizon app to add or keep your data. Choose Safety Mode and put an end to surprise overages.
  • All on the best network. Only America’s best network makes your phone work the way you want, where you want it.
Let’s get started

4 lines.
16 GB.
Only $150.

Switch to the best network with the best value.

8GB Large + 8GB Bonus data = 16GB

That’s $70/mo for 8 GB data + 4 phones X $20/mo per line for a total of $150/mo.

Pick your
new plan size.

Our new plan has five simple sizes, each with more data and unlimited talk and text. Find your fit below.

Line access fees

Smartphone $20/mo Tablet & Hotspots $10/mo Connected devices $5/mo

Get 30%
more data.

Our new plan has five simple sizes – each with 30% more data, and with Carryover Data it’s yours to keep. Your unused gigs automatically roll over to the end of the following month. So you can save more. Do more. Stream more LeBron (or anything else).

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Take total control.

With just a few taps you can manage your plan and everything in it. See your data and control it all with the new My Verizon app.

The Data Hub

Control your data in The Data Hub

Clearly see how much data is being used, who is using it and how to get more when you need it. And Carryover Data lets you keep your unused data for another month.

Safety Mode

No surprise overages with Safety Mode

Choose Safety Mode and stay online even after you’ve used all your data for the month. You can add more data whenever you’re ready to get back to 4G LTE speed. How to activate Safety Mode

Data Boost

Buy data on demand with Data Boost

Data Boost lets you buy extra data whenever you need it.

The best part?
No compromises.

On America's best network, your phone works the way you want it to, every time you need it to. It's why we win so many more awards than every other network.


The best network just made the best app.

Introducing the new My Verizon app. Everything you want, the way you want it, in the palm of your hand. More control. Less work.

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Already have the new Verizon Plan?
Download the new My Verizon app.

New My Verizon App
  • Your data. Your way. Complete control to buy, save, and manage your data. And no more surprises.
  • Your bill, simplified. Easy to understand. Easy to pay.
  • Less on hold. More on demand. Smart support that’s with you every step of the way.
  • Shop and upgrade in minutes. The faster way to get what you want.