Summer Tech Tips for Managing Your Kids

By on July 23, 2015

Between camp, piano lessons and trips to visit Grandma, busy parents need all the help they can get in managing the summer season.

Tech mom and My Fox LA’s Maria Quiban knows the challenge busy parents have in keeping up with kids on the go. “Today, more than 75 percent of our kids either have smartphones or have access to one. Why not use technology to help keep them safe? Knowing how your kids use their smartphones is the first step,” said Maria Quiban.

Be Your Kids’ Smartphone Advisor

There’s no denying it: kids love tech, and so do we! There comes a point when the tech training wheels go on and parents wield their ‘all-knowing parental wisdom’ in smartphone usage. Before tykes, tweens and teens become tech titans and devour huge amounts of data, parents can set up usage limits and alerts.

Verizon provides several no-cost tools to help parents monitor their kids’ voice, messaging and data usage

Last but not least, FamilyBase is a tool that allows parents to set usage limits, manage blocked and trusted numbers, and set time restrictions for usage on multiple devices. Add up to 10 devices for $5 a month and help your kids understand how to use their devices responsibly.

Know Where Your Kids Are

Helicopter parent or not, all parents want to know their kids are safe. The trick is being able to hover over neutral territory discreetly before setting off the parental peeve alarms.

Downloading essential apps can help you skip the 20 questions and head straight into the ‘know zone’. Fortunately, locator apps help accomplish what seems to be the impossible – knowing where your kids are at all times.

Here are five no-cost, parent-friendly family locator apps that will keep you connected to your wee ones and family members this summer:

Tech parenting is soaring to new heights with all the tools available on smartphones and tablets. Parents can rest easy as they get a virtual handle on connecting with their kids this summer.

“I’m 100 percent confident technology can effectively assist us with keeping track of our kids and making sure they’re safe! In fact, in today’s world, we must!” said Maria Quiban

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