with Alexa.

Monitor your billing
and usage with the
new Verizon Skill.
Just ask Alexa.

Get started with the Verizon skill for Amazon Alexa.


Simply install the
Amazon Alexa app
on your smartphone.

Get Android app
Get iOS app

Enable skill

Search for “Verizon
skill” in the Skills
tab. Tap “Enable”
and follow the
steps to link your
Verizon account.

Link account

Access your Verizon
account within the
Alexa app with your
mobile number,

Read our FAQ for more information on setting up your 4-digit account pin.

, and

One-time secure pin will be sent via text message to your mobile number once account pin is entered.


Ask Alexa

Once your account
is successfully linked, just say “Ask
Verizon,” to Alexa
and follow with any
question listed

Quick, easy answers from Alexa.

Stress-free billing.

Always know what you owe and when it’s due.

Tell Alexa to “Ask Verizon,” and follow with your question:

  • What is my account balance?
  • When is my bill due?
  • When was my last payment made?

Keep an eye on your limits.

Stop worrying if you’re getting too close for comfort, and instantly check your account usage.

Tell Alexa to “Ask Verizon,” and follow with your question:

  • How much data have I used?
  • What is my voice usage?
  • What is my text usage?
  • When will my data reset?

Make your experience even better.

We’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to see within our Alexa skill.

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