Verify Connection - Verizon Wireless 3G Network Extender for Business

Note Notes:

  • A wireless device must located be within 44-feet of the Network Extender in order to successfully register on the network. Once registered, coverage is extended up to 7,500 square feet (approximately a 60 foot radius) depending on building construction and Network Extender placement.
  • A short double tone (beep) may be heard while placing or receiving a call.
  • The device may display a visual indicator Network Extender device icon in the status bar.


Call #48 from your phone. Review the confirmation announcement:

  • You are under Network Extender coverage.
    • The wireless device is registered on and using a Network Extender.
  • Welcome to Verizon Wireless. You are not under Network Extender coverage. Please move closer to your Network Extender and retry after waiting for 3 minutes. For troubleshooting, please go to Announcement 20, switch xxx-xx.
    • The wireless device hasn't registered on an available Network Extender.