Create a Paired Connection - Macintosh® OS X

  1. From the desktop, open System Preferences.
    Note Navigate Apple Menu > System Preferences.
    Image of the Apple Menu with System Preferences

  2. Click Bluetooth®.
  3. From Settings, ensure Bluetooth® Power is On.
  4. From Devices, click Set Up New Device.
  5. From the 'Introduction' screen, click Continue.
  6. Ensure Mobile phone is selected then click Continue.
  7. Ensure the handset is in discovery mode.
    Note Refer to the specific instructions for your device.
  8. Select the appropriate handset from the list of Mobile Phones then click Continue.
  9. From the 'Bluetooth Mobile Phone Set Up' screen, click Continue.
  10. On the handset, follow the prompts to enter the passkey.
  11. Ensure Access the Internet with your phone's data connection is selected then click Continue.
  12. Click Continue.
    Note VZAccess® Manager prompts for required information during setup.
    Image of the Bluetooth Mobile Phone Setup screen, Internet access information
  13. Click Quit.
  14. Click the red close button in the upper left corner.


Note Refer to Configuring VZAccess® Manager - Macintosh® for additional assistance.