Transfer Content with Samsung Smart Switch™ Mobile App (from Android™)

What you need:

  • Your old and new devices
  • Samsung Smart Switch app installed on both devices


Note Notes:



Open Smart Switch on your old device

If not preinstalled, ensure the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app has been installed on both devices.

  1. Open Samsung Smart Switch Samsung Smart Switch icon on your old device. There are several methods of accessing the app, depending on your model:
    • From a Home screen, tap the Smart Switch icon.
    • Swipe up or down from the center of a Home screen to access the apps screen, then tap Smart Switch.
    • Open Settings, tap Accounts and backup, then tap Smart Switch.
      Note If not preinstalled, the device prompts to download Smart Switch.
  2. If prompted, review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service then tap Agree.
  3. If prompted, review the requested permissions then tap Start.


Set up the transfer

On the old device, tap Send data.

Smart Switch screen on old device with emphasis on Send data


Transfer data wirelessly

From the 'Get connected' screen, tap Wireless.

Get connected screen on old device with emphasis on Wireless


Open Smart Switch on your new device


Connect your devices

On the new device, tap YES.
Note If the two devices don't connect, use the provided PIN to manually connect the devices.
Note Smart Switch transfers data wirelessly using high frequency sound. If the devices have trouble connecting, move them closer together and make sure there aren't any obstructions between them.

Trying to connect notification on new device with emphasis on YES


Choose what to transfer

On the old device, choose what to transfer then tap SEND.
Note Content transfer is completed in two stages; basic content is transferred first and larger files are transferred later.
Note If you select 'Apps', a list of your applications is transferred but the apps still need to be re-downloaded.

Choose what to send screen with emphasis on selection list and SEND icon


Receive your content

On the new device, tap Receive.

Receive notification on new device with emphasis on Receive


You're all done

Tap DONE on both devices to complete the transfer process.

Final transfer screen with emphasis on DONE icon

Helpful Info

  • You can also use one of the following Smart Switch solutions:
    • Samsung Smart Switch for PC
    • Samsung Smart Switch for Mac
      Note For more info on downloading and using one of these options, refer to the Samsung Smart Switch support page.
  • Some downloaded apps may not transfer via this process.
    • Apps downloaded from the Play Store automatically download to the device upon signing into your Google account.
    • If Play Store apps don't automatically download, you can download them from the Play Store.
    • Apps downloaded from other sources must be re-installed manually.




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