Initial Connection Activation and Setup - 4G LTE Network Extender

Note Notes:

  • The initial startup of the Network Extender takes 30-60 minutes. During this process, the Power/Status LED indicator blinks.
  • If the Power/Status LED indicator is still blinking after 1 hour, relocate the GPS antenna to receive a stronger signal (see Related Topics).
  • For best results after activation, place the Network Extender in an elevated location, such as the top of a bookshelf or cabinet then position the GPS antenna horizontally (GPS letters facing up).


 Video Icon For additional help, view the How to Set Up Your 4G LTE Network Extender video.

  1. Use the provided Ethernet Cable to connect the network extender LAN Port to an available LAN / Ethernet port on the router or modem.
    Note If using a router, ensure that it supports DHCP and VPN. Refer to the manufacturer's info for compatibility.
    Connecting Network Extender to Router with supplied cable
  2. Connect the provided power supply to the Network Extender 12V DC power input.
    12V Power Input connecting to Network Extender
  3. Connect the power adapter to an available power outlet.
    Note The use of a surge protector is recommended.
    Power adapter plugging into outlet
  4. Reference the device display to determine the Network Extender status.
    Note Verify the Power / Status LED indicator is solid blue Power Status Solid blue.
    Device Display legend
  5. During the initial setup the device display cycles through 14 activation steps and takes 30-60 minutes.
    Note During startup process the Power/Status LED indicator is blinking blue Power Status Solid blue.
    Note Refer to Startup and Troubleshooting to view additional detail about your network extender startup process or to troubleshoot your setup.
    Welcome and startup screens
  6. Reference the device display to determine the final Network Extender status is 'In Service'.
    Note After successful startup the Power/Status indicator LED indicator on the front of the unit remains illuminated solid blue Power Status Solid blue.
    Note Press the button to the right of the display to view additional Device Display and Status info.
    Device Display startup
  7. Reference the device display chart for icon identification, check the following indicator lights:
    • The GPS Indicator shows the GPS acquisition status and number of GPS satellites currently tracked. Refer to View GPS Status to GPS satellite info from within the Network Extender admin page.
    • The Connected Devices shows the number of 4G devices connected to the Network Extender.
    Name Icons Description
    LTE Service Status   Shows the device service status
    Display indicator for 4G LTE service 4G LTE - In Service
    Display indicator for no service No Service Icon - Out of Service
    Connected Devices Display indicator for connected devices Shows the number of connected devices.
    GPS Status Display indicator for tracked satellites Shows the GPS status with the number of satellites tracked
  8. Verify your phones are connected to the Network Extender:
    1. Turn on HD Voice to use voice services.
    2. From the wireless device, enter #48 then press the Send key then review the confirmation announcement:
      Note The device may display a visual indicator icon Netwrok Extender connectivity indicator on device in the status bar.
      • Welcome to Verizon Wireless. You are under 4G LTE Network Extender Coverage with ID.


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