Device Reference - 4G LTE Network Extender

Network extender with all connections and ports described

Name Connection Type Function
Power/Status Indicator n/a Blue LED indicates the status of power and Network Extender setup progression (see Related Topics).
Display n/a shows status messages and device icons indicating the number of LTE devices connected to the Network Extender and the number of GPS satellites tracked (see Related Topics).
Display Button n/a provides additional information about the device when in operation.
GPS Mini-coax GPS Antenna located beneath the cover on the top edge of the Network Extender. For connection of the GPS extension cable (see Related Topics).
Reset Button Recessed Button Resets device to factory specifications, deleting all changes made to the configuration and settings (see Related Topics).
LAN Port Modular 8-pin (RJ-45) Ethernet jack Ethernet Port. Allows connectivity to the modem or router.
12V DC Power Input DC Coaxial Male connector Power adapter connection.


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