View Connected Devices - 4G LTE Network Extender

Note Notes:

  • Identify currently connected users and capacity utilization of the 4G LTE Network Extender.
  • The PC must have Internet Explorer 9 & above to access the web interface.


  1. Access the Network Extender Admin then click Connected Devices Connected Devices icon (on the left).
    Note For assistance, refer to Access Network Extender Admin.
  2. From Connected Devices, view the following:
    • Current Connections
      • Connected Users
      • Emergency Users
    • Connections Last Hour
      • Peak Connected Users
      • Peak Capacity Used
    • Connections Last 24 Hours
      • Peak Connected Users
      • Peak Capacity Used
    • Last Data Refresh
    • Capacity Utilization
      Note Ensure usage does not exceed capacity.
    Connected Devices info with excess capacity at start