Samsung Galaxy J3 V / J3 (2016) - Manage Screen Lock Settings

Caution Fifteen incorrect entries of the device password resets the device to factory default condition. All data including Google Account, app data and settings, downloaded apps, etc. is removed. If necessary, perform Initial Activation/Setup.

Note Depending upon the screen lock type (e.g. Swipe, Face Unlock, Pattern, etc.), the available options may vary.

  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps Apps icon > Settings Settings icon > Lock screen and security.
    Note These instructions apply to Standard mode only.
  2. Tap Screen lock type.
    Note If prompted, enter the current PIN, Password, Fingerprint, etc.
  3. Select one of the following:
    Note Some may be disabled if corporate email account used.
    • Swipe
    • Pattern
    • PIN
    • Password
    • None
  4. Tap the Back icon Back icon (located in the lower-right of device).
  5. Tap Secure lock settings.
  6. Tap Lock automatically then select an option (5 seconds, 1 minute, etc.).
  7. Tap the Lock instantly with power key switch to turn on or off.
  8. Tap the Auto factory reset switch to turn on or off.
  9. Tap the Lock network and security switch to turn on or off.
    Note This step is for post paid device only.
  10. For Prepaid device:
    • Tap Smart Lock.
      Note Choose either to add Trusted devices or Trusted places. Refer to Smart Lock for addtitional information.