LED Status Indicators - Arlo Go

Camera with LED indicator

Solid blue Solid blue: The camera is registered and is connected to the mobile network.
Blinking blue Very slow blinking blue: The camera is powering on.
Blinking blue Slow blinking blue: The camera is ready to scan the QR code.
Blinking blue Blinking blue: The camera is scanning the QR code.
Blinking blue Fast blinking blue:

The camera is connected to the cloud.

During charging, blinking for three seconds indicates that charging started and blinking for two seconds indicates that charging is complete.
Blinking blue and purple Blinking blue and purple: The camera is connecting to the network and the cloud.
Solid amber Solid amber:

No SIM card is inserted or the SIM card is damaged.

During a sync, the battery charge is low.

During the motion detection test, motion is detected.
Blinking amber Blinking amber: Mobile network coverage is not available.
Blinking amber Slow blinking amber: The battery level is low.
Blinking amber Double blinking amber: The battery level is so low that it is critical.
Blinking amber and purple Blinking amber and purple: The SD card type is invalid.
Blinking blue and amber Blinking blue and amber: The camera is receiving a firmware upgrade.
Blinking amber Fast blinking amber:

The camera connected to the cellular network but it cannot connect to the cloud.

During a QR code scan, the scan failed.

During battery charging, the charge failed.