Push to Talk Plus - Web Dispatch - New Activation

Note Notes:

  • Web Dispatch is supported on Windows platform on browsers that supports plugin or extension - IE 11, Chrome 45 & higher, Firefox 41 & higher.
  • Existing Desktop Dispatch client users can be migrated into Web Dispatch to gain portability and new features, refer to Desktop Dispatch to Web Dispatch.
  • Windows tablet is not supported in the initial release.
  • Users are prompted to install a plugin prior to use of Web Dispatch.


New Activation

  1. From the Web Dispatch admin, enter a unique email address as User ID. 
    Note An error is generated if the email address is not unique.
  2. Enable or disable Bread Crumb, Geo Fence & PTX features.
    Note These features are enabled by default.
  3. To confirm user ID creation click OK.
  4. View the ECM account status:
    • Status displays 'Verified' after email verification confirmation.
    • Status display 'Pending Verification' until confirmation is complete.


Web Dispatch First Time Use

Users get an email with verification link in once the Admin goes through migration or new activation. Upon successfully choosing the password the user is directed to the sign-in link where the user needs to enter user ID and password chosen earlier.
Note The Sign-in URL sent via email is listed below:

Production VZ Certificate