Verizon Jetpack® MiFi® 8800L - Charging Options

Note Notes:

  • The MiFi Charging Port (located below the Verizon logo) should be used to charge the Jetpack, internet tethering, file sharing or to charge another device (e.g., smartphone, battery pack, etc.).
  • By default, the battery level must be higher than 25% to charge another device.

  1. Plug charger into the charging port.
  2. View the charging indicator on the display:
    Note If no charge is detected, ensure the charger is connected securely to the port and power outlet.
    Battery Charge Indictator Battery Power Icon

    Displays remaining power. No charge detected.

    Battery AC Charging Indicator Receiving Charge Icon Displays when the Jetpack is connected to the AC (wall) connector and receiving a charge.
    Battery USB Charging Indicator Giving Charge Icon Displays when another device getting a charge while connected to the Jetpack via USB cable.

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