Palm - Compose and Send Email Message

Note The Gmail app allows you to view all of your email accounts. To manage email using other apps, refer to Install Apps - Google Play™ Store.

  1. From a Home screen, touch and swipe up to display all apps.
  2. Tap the Gmail icon Gmail app icon.
  3. Ensure the appropriate email address is selected:
    1. Tap the Menu icon Menu icon (upper-left).
    2. Tap the Dropdown menu Dropdown menu icon (right of the current email address).
    3. Tap the appropriate email address.
  4. From an Inbox, tap the Compose icon Edit icon (lower-right).
  5. In the To field, enter the recipient's email address.
    Note As the recipient's email address is entered, a list of matching contacts may appear and can be selected at any time.
  6. In the Subject field, enter a subject.
  7. In the Compose email field, enter a message
    Note To add an attachment:
    1. Tap the Attach icon Attachment icon (at the top).
    2. Tap Attach file or Insert from Drive.
    3. Navigate to then tap the appropriate attachment.
  8. Tap the Send icon Send icon (upper-right).