Samsung SmartThings Tracker - Set Up Device (New ThingSpace Portal Account)

Note Prior to setting up the Samsung SmartThings Tracker, the SmartThings app must be downloaded onto the device.

  • For Apple® iPhone® users, download the app from the App Store.
  • For Android® users, download the app from the Google Play™.


  1. From your device, open the SmartThings app SmartThings app then tap Start (bottom-right).
  2. From the 'Samsung Account' screen select whichever applies:
    • First time users, tap Create Account.
    • For existing users, enter the Samsung account info then tap Sign in.
      Note Once signed in, skip to step 5 to continue.
      Samsung Account
  3. To continue, review the legal info then tap Next (bottom-right).
  4. From the 'Welcome to your Samsung Account' screen, tap Done (bottom-right).
  5. From the Dashboard screen, tap Add device
    Tap add device
  6. From the SmartThings Tracker, press the top Power button to turn the device on.
    Power On
  7. From the Search results, select the tracker by tapping Add.
    Note It may take some time to connect tracker to your phone. The tracker is ready when the light turns blue.
    Select Tracker
  8. When the light turns blue, press and hold the Power button.
  9. Choose a location:
    • Tap Home to set current location as default.
    • To add a location, tap Add location then follow the on-screen prompts. 
      Set Home location
  10. Tap Next (bottom-left).
    Note It may take some time to connect your Tracker to your phone. The tracker is ready when the light turns blue.
  11. When the light turns blue, press the Power button once to register the device.
  12. Wait for the Tracker to register to the Samsung account then tap ACTIVATE.
    Note The app opens a new window to the ThingSpace Portal.
  13. To complete the plan purchase and activation, tap Sign Up.
  14. Enter the requested info.
  15. To continue, review the Terms of Service and check the box then tap Sign up.
  16. From the 'Welcome' screen, set up your security question then tap Set answer and register my device.
  17. Tap Add a delivery option.
  18. Select from the options then enter the requested info. 
  19. Tap Send passcode.
  20. Enter the one time passcode received then tap Verify.
  21. Once verified, tap Continue.  
  22. To continue, review the Terms & Conditions and check the box then tap Continue.
  23. Review the plan info then tap Continue
  24. From the 'Payment details' screen, enter the credit card info then tap Continue
  25. To continue, review the Billing info, the Terms of Service and check the box then tap Process Payment.
  26. Once the activation is submitted, tap Continue.
    Note It may take up to 5 minutes to register your Tracker. A notification is sent to phone upon completion.
  27. From the the 'What do you want to track?' screen, select an option then tap Next.
  28. To start using the tracker, tap Start.