Samsung SmartThings Tracker - Deactivate Tracker

  1. From your device, tap the SmartThings app SmartThings app.
  2. From the SmartThings Home screen, tap Devices (at the bottom).
    Devices tab
  3. Select your SmartThings Tracker device.
    Select tracker
  4. Tap the Menu icon Menu icon (upper-right).
  5. Tap Settings.
  6. Tap Manage mobile service.
    Note The app opens a new window to the ThingSpace Portal.
  7. Enter the user ID and password then tap Sign in.
  8. From the 'Account Summary' screen, scroll down to the bottom then tap the highlighted device name.
    Deactive Device
  9. From the 'Actions' menu dropdown, tap Deactivate.
  10. Tap Confirm.
  11. Once the request is successful, tap Ok.


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