Sonim XP5s® - Prevent Dust / Water Damage

Caution The Sonim XP5s is rated IP68, using the Ingress Protection rating system. The dust rating is 6 (highest level of protection), and the water resistance rating is 8 (water-resistant up to 5 feet for up to 30 minutes). Despite this classification, your device isn't impervious to water damage in any situation.

Follow these tips carefully to prevent damage to the device:

  • Don't immerse the device in water deeper than 5 feet for more than 30 minutes.
  • Don't expose the device to water at high pressure, such as ocean waves or a waterfall.
  • If the device or your hands are wet, dry them thoroughly before handling the device.
  • Don't expose the device to salt water, ionized water, or soapy water.
  • The touchscreen and other features may not work properly if the device is used in water or in other liquids.
  • The device is water resistant only when the SIM / Memory card tray is inserted into the device.
  • The SIM / Memory card tray contains rubber packing to to help prevent dust, water or moisture from entering the product. Don't damage the rubber packing as this may allow dust, water, or moisture to enter your device and cause damage.
  • If the device is dropped or receives an impact, the water and dust-resistant features of the device may be damaged.
  • This device isn't resistant to shock. If device is dropped or receives an impact, the water and dust resistant features may be damaged.