Humx by Verizon - Set Up and Use Google Assistant™

Note Notes:

  • Install and activate the Hum OBD reader in the OBD port of your vehicle.
  • Install the Hum and Google Assistant mobile app on your smartphone.
    • Apple® iPhone® users may need to download and install Google Assistant.
    • Android™ users should test to verify Google Assistant is operational on their phone.
  • Humx WiFi must be enabled and turned on.
  • The vehicle must be turned on.


Set Up for Humx
Using Google Assistant with Humx
Uninstall or Unpair Google Assistant


Set Up for Humx

  1. Open the Hum app.
  2. From the Google Assistant dashboard card, tap Get Started.
    Google Assistant Dashboard Card
  3. Tap Begin Setup
    Begin Setup
  4. Review the '3 steps' message then tap Get Started.
    Get Started
  5. Tap ALLOW to grant Google Assistance access to your vehicle's location.
    Allow access to vehicle location
  6. From the 'Let's connect to your Hum Wi-Fi Hotspot' screen, tap Connect.
    Connect your Wi-Fi Hotspot
  7. Press the Call Button on the Hum speaker. Listen to the setup prompt, then tap Yes, Continue.
    Note Enabling the Google Assistant displays on your smartphone.
    Continue with setup
    Enabling Google Assistant
  8. Tap Link Account.
    Link your Hum account
  9. Enter your Hum account username and password then tap Link Account.
    Sign in to your Hum account
  10. From the 'Works with Hum' screen tap Allow.
  11. Tap Done.
    Setup complete


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Using Google Assistant

Note Google Assistant cannot do the following when interacting through the Humx speaker:

  • Stream entertainment, such as music or podcasts.
  • Play turn by turn navigation.
  • Multiple Hum accounts cannot be associated with a single Google Assistant account and vice versa.
  • Bluetooth cannot be connected for phone calls through the speaker while Google Assistant is enabled


  1. Using the Hum Speaker, press the Call Button to engage Google Assistant.
    Note The Google Assistant chime plays and the LED light ring appears around the speaker.
    Call button & LED light
  2. Use the speaker to say a command (i.e., 'How many miles did I drive yesterday?' or
    'What is the weather forecast for today?').
    Note Speech prompts (e.g, Hey Google, ask Hum) should not be used.
    Note When your not in the vehicle, use the Google Assistance app to ask questions.


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Uninstall or Unpair Google Assistant

To uninstall or unpair Google Assistant, perform one of the following:

  • Unpair using the Hum Speaker:
    1. Hold down the Mute button on the Hum Speaker for 10 seconds to unpair the device.
      Note Wait for the unpair message to be played through the Hum Speaker.
    2. Continue holding the Mute button until Google Assistant is no longer paired.
  • Uninstall Google Assistant directly through the Google Assistant settings in the Hum Mobile app:
    1. Open the Hum app.
    2. Tap the Menu icon (upper-left).
    3. Tap Google Assistant.
      Hum menu Google Assistant
    4. Tap Remove Google Assistant.
      Remove Google Assistant
    5. To confirm, tap REMOVE.
      Tap Remove to confirm


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