Download and Install BlackBerry® Desktop Manager - Macintosh®

Note After installing Blackberry Desktop Manager, other software previously used to synchronize data (e.g. PocketMac, The Missing Sync, etc.) will no longer connect to the Blackberry device.

  1. Close any open apps.
  2. Open an Internet browser and navigate to the BlackBerry Software Download website.
  3. Click Desktop Software (located to the right).
  4. Select Mac.
  5. Enter the 10-digit mobile number then click Download Now.
  6. Double-click the downloaded file.
  7. If prompted, click Install Anyway.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. From the 'Important Information' screen, click Continue.
  10. Select the Country or Region, review the license agreement, then click Continue.
  11. To continue the installation, click Agree.
  12. Click Install.
  13. Enter the name and pasword for the computer, then click OK.
  14. Click Continue Installation.
  15. Click Restart.
  16. Double-click the Blackberry Desktop Manager icon.
    desktop manager install icon
  17. Connect the Blackberry device to the computer with the USB cable.
  18. Enter/select the following information then click OK:
    • Device Name
    • Synchronization option
    • Amount of memory free