Connect and Power On - Verizon Wireless Network Extender - 1X/EvDO/Business

For additional reference, there's a Network Extender Setup Video available on

Warning Do not connect the AC Adapter (Power Supply) into a power outlet until instructed. Doing so may cause an electrical short or power surge to the Network Extender.

Note Notes:

  • For Network Extender device identification (e.g., 1X, EvDO, etc) refer to Identify by SKU.
  • The first time the Network Extender is used, it may take up to one hour for the initial GPS acquisition. If the GPS LED is still red after one hour, relocate the GPS antenna to receive a stronger signal. Refer to Install the GPS Extension Cable for assistance.


  1. Use the provided Ethernet Cable to connect Network Extender's WAN Port to an available LAN / Ethernet Port on the Router / Modem.
    Note If using a router, ensure that it supports DHCP and VPN. Refer to the manufacturer's info for compatibility.
    Connecting the ethernet cable from the router / modem to the device
  2. Connect the provided power supply to the Network Extender.
    Connecting the power supply to the device
  3. Ensure the power supply is connected to the power cord then connect it to an available power outlet.
    Note The use of a surge protector is recommended.
    Connecting the power supply to a power outlet
  4. Verify that the LED Status Indicators are illuminated correctly.
    Note Refer to Meaning of LED Status Indicators for assistance.
    Note Allow up to 240 minutes for the Network Extender to complete startup.