Download and Install My Verizon - BlackBerry® Bold™ 9930 Smartphone

  1. From the Home screen All tray, select My Verizon.
    Note To expand the tray, press the Menu button then select Open Tray.
    Home screen All tray with My Verizon
  2. Review the User agreement then select I agree to continue with the download and installation.
    VPL Agreemment with I agree
  3. Select Download My Verizon Mobile.
    Download My Verizon Mobile
  4. Ensure Set Application Permissions is selected (checked) then select Download.
    Note The application version may differ from the example shown.
    Download screen with Set Application Permissions and Download
  5. Ensure all permissions are set to Allow, press the Menu button then select Save.
    Permissions screen menu with Save
  6. If presented, select Yes.
    Application Permissions with Yes
  7. Select OK.
    Successful installation confirmation with OK