Edit Access Point Names (APN) - VZAccess Manager (Windows)

LTE Access Point Name (APN) definitions

Used for connections to IMS services. Required for TXT messaging.
Used for administrative functions.
Required for general Internet connections.
Required for PDA data service
Used for connections that must be routed through content filtering.
Used for connections to mobile private networks.
Note 'xx' would be replaced by the enterprise MPN identifier.
Used for static IP connections.
Note 'xx' would be replaced by an appropriate static IP pool identifier.


  1. Open VZAccess Manager.
    Note From the Windows desktop, click Start > All Programs (Programs) > VZAccess Manager.
    Note With Windows 10, click Start > Apps icon Apps Menu icon (located in the top-left corner) > All apps (located in the bottom-left corner) > VZAccess Manager.
  2. If presented, enter the PIN then click OK.
    Note The default PIN is 1111.
  3. From the Top menu, click Options > Preferences.
  4. From the Connect option, enter the APN in the APN field then click OK.
    Note Alternatively, click Restore Default to ensure the correct APN is in use.