Apple® iPad® - Remove SIM Card

Instructions on inserting/removing your SIM can help with activation issues/errors, browser connection problems and a blank/frozen screen.

Caution Don't attempt to remove the SIM card while the device is powered on. Doing so may harm the SIM card and/or the device.

  1. Ensure the device is powered off.
  2. From the right or left edge of the device (depending on the model), remove the SIM card tray.
    Note Refer to iPad SIM removal for illustrated instructions based on the model of the iPad.
    Note Utilize the SIM eject tool (or paperclip) to unlock the tray by inserting it into the provided slot.
  3. Remove the SIM card from the SIM card tray.
    Note If applicable, refer to Insert the SIM card.

    remove SIM card