Software Upgrade Assistant (Samsung) - Repair Assistant

This helps you repair the software on your Samsung device using your computer.

Caution The repair process may take up to 30-90 minutes. Do not disconnect the device from the computer during the repair process.

Note Notes:

  • To use the Software Repair Assistant (SRA), ensure the wireless device is powered on and able to be unlocked if necessary then connect it to a compatible computer using the supplied USB cable.
  • If the device is not recognized immediately, pull down the notification panel to switch the device mode from 'Charge Only' to 'MTP', 'File Transfer' or 'Software Installation' mode.
  • For those devices without the 'File Transfer' option (e.g., Galaxy S7, etc.), tap 'Connected for charging: touch for other USB options' then tap 'Transferring Media Files'.
  • The most recent software version becomes available on the SUA/SRA tool within a week of a new software update. During this time, the SUA/SRA is unavailable.

  1. Ensure the Software Upgrade Assistant software is installed. Refer to Initial Setup - Software Upgrade Assistant for assistance.
    Note If the software doesn't download from your device after plugging into your computer, download from Samsung's website then click Open.
  2. From the Windows® desktop, navigate Start > All Programs (Programs) > Verizon > Launch Utility Application (Samsung) then skip to step 5.
    Note For PCs using Windows 8 or 10, skip this step and start with step 3.
    Note For Mac®, click the Software Upgrade Assistant tray icon then skip to step 5.
    Launch Utility Application
  3. From the Windows desktop, tap or click the Utility Launcher icon Launcher (located in the lower-right taskbar near the time display).
    Note The Utility Launcher icon is located on the desktop, not the screen with tiles. If tiles are present, click on the Windows start button (located in the bottom-left) to show the Windows desktop.
  4. Left-click the Software Upgrade Assistant launcher icon.
    SUA Launcher
  5. From the 'Software Repair' screen, tap or click Start Repair.
    Note If the device's software is not current the user is prompted to update.
    Start Repair Screen
  6. If presented with the message concerning data being erased, tap or click Continue, provided the data has been backed up. If it has not, tap or click Cancel, back up your data and start the repair again.
    Data Erased Screen
  7. On the 'Allow access' screen, tap or click ALLOW.
    Note The available info may vary.
    Allow Access Screen
  8. If presented with the 'Google Account Info Needed' screen, tap or click I know my Google account info then tap or click NEXT to begin the Back up process.
    Note If your Google info is unknown, click the 'Don't know your Google account info?' link and follow the instructions.
    Google Account Info Needed Screen
  9. On the 'Now It's Your Turn' screen, unplug your device from the laptop/computer and follow the instructions on the screen.
    Now Its Your Turn Screen
  10. After the phone has been set back up, re-connect it to the laptop/computer and tap or click NEXT.
    Note Device restore may take 30 - 90 minutes.
    Lets Restore Phone Screen
  11. Once the restore process completes, tap or click EXIT and unplug the device.
    Restore Process Complete Screen