View Device ID (ESN / MEID) - LG Exalt™

Viewing the ESN / MEID Internally

  1. From the Main screen, select MENU.
  2. Select Settings & Tools.
  3. Select Phone Info.
  4. Select SW/HW Version and scroll down using the five-way navigation key to view the MEID.


Viewing the ESN / MEID Externally

  1. Press and hold the PWR/END button to turn the phone off.
  2. With the back of the phone facing you, gently press on the cover then push it up.
  3. From the groove at the bottom of the battery, lift the battery out.
  4. The MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier) can be found on a sticker on the back side of the phone, under the battery.
  5. Align the battery contacts with the contacts inside the battery compartment. Insert the contact side of the battery first then gently push the battery into place.
  6. Align the battery cover then slide into place.