4G SIM Card Tips and Tricks

Note If the SIM card is incorrectly inserted or an incompatible SIM is inserted, an error message such as 'SIM Card Failure', 'No SIM card inserted' or 'Please insert SIM card' may be displayed.

Review the following tips for troubleshooting and handling a 4G SIM card:

  • Keep the SIM card clean and dry at all times.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures and magnetic fields.
  • Do not bend, cut, trim or modify the SIM card in any way.
  • Avoid touching the gold contacts as much as possible.
  • The gold contacts must be aligned correctly to the gold contacts on the device.
  • Try using the SIM card with an alternate equipment to isolate issues between the SIM Card and device.
  • With the SIM card inserted, perform a soft reset on the device.