Pending Orders

A pending order is an order that is in progress or future dated, such as:

  • Adding a device
  • Upgrading a device
  • Changing features on a device
  • Change a Device ID or mobile device number
  • Disconnecting, suspending or reconnecting service
  • Changing your price plan

Because a pending order is future dated, it will be added at the start of your next billing cycle. You cannot complete additional orders while you have a pending order on your account. You must wait until the pending order is completed or removed from your account.

You can remove a pending order from your account on the Pending account changes page in My Verizon.

Note: Only an Account Owner or Account Manager can request that a pending order be removed.

Having a pending order on your account can prevent you from:

  • Adding new devices
  • Activating or switching a new device
  • Upgrading devices
  • Changing features
  • Changing minutes, text or data
  • Changing a mobile number
  • Changing an ESN (Electronic Serial Number) or serial number
  • Suspending service
  • Reconnecting service
  • Disconnecting service