As part of our commitment to safer communities, we continue to take the lead in educating the public and supporting legislation and new technological solutions for driving responsibly.

It's Up to Me

We all have a role to play in keeping our roads safe by eliminating behaviors that cause us to be distracted behind the wheel. Check out the video and text DRIVING to 74579 to get the facts and to take a quiz on distracted driving.

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  • 15 years

    of industry leadership in support of safe driving initiatives

A History of Leadership

Responsible driving is everyone's responsibility.  We want people to arrive at their destinations safely.

In 2000, Verizon Wireless broke from the industry and became the first wireless carrier to step up and support state legislation banning hand-held cell phone use while driving. As part of this effort, we developed a pioneering Responsible Driver Action Plan, which incorporated commitments to include responsible driving messages in company advertising and customer communications.

We're still leading safe driving initiatives today, advocating for common-sense legislation and spearheading consumer education efforts to raise awareness about driving responsibly. We reach out to drivers of all ages with initiatives like Save It Seattle, where we teamed up with professional football player Russell Wilson to encourage high school kids to pledge not to text and drive. We actively seek technology solutions like Safely Go, an innovative app that helps facilitate responsible driving. Advocacy, public awareness and innovation: it's the Verizon Wireless tradition of leadership in responsible driving.

Fast Facts

Drive Responsibly with
Safely Go

Even when you know the facts about texting and driving, it can be hard not to check or respond to messages while you're on the road. The Safely Go app automatically receives and responds to your calls and texts, so you can focus on driving and stay responsibly connected.

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Our Commitment to

At Verizon Wireless, we proudly team up with other members of the wireless industry and participate in a number of awareness campaigns ithat educate the public about the risks of texting and driving. Through leadership and strong alliances, we can get the message out: Remember, no text is worth the risk.

Seeking Powerful Answers

Experience teaches us that technology innovation will provide more opportunities to address public safety issues like texting and driving. And we're committed to putting our sharpest minds to the task. We aim to continue our work with partners, stakeholders and experts in numerous fields to help find powerful answers to this complex social challenge.