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4G LTE Mobile Broadband FAQs
  1. What is 4G LTE?

    4G LTE is the fourth generation of wireless. 2G brought us digital voice and text messaging. 3G brought us smartphones, fast web browsing and apps. 4G LTE brought greater bandwidth and faster speeds, making it possible to have more complex apps.

    LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the next generation of wireless which uses an IP (Internet Protocol) based infrastructure. LTE helps us to continue meeting increasing demand for a higher bandwidth.

    For more information about 4G LTE including a coverage map, visit the 4G LTE website.

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  2. What is 4G LTE Mobile Broadband?

    4G LTE Mobile Broadband is a type of high-speed Internet access that lets you use data-only devices on our 4G LTE network. You can use Mobile Broadband to get online access on your laptop, tablet or other data-only device through a:

    • PC card
    • ExpressCard™
    • USB modem
    • Verizon Jetpack™ mobile hotspot

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  3. How can 4G LTE Mobile Broadband help me?

    4G LTE Mobile Broadband has many benefits.

    • Speeds up to 10 times faster than on our 3G network

          • Average download speeds of 5-12 Mbps
          • Average upload speeds of 2-5 Mbps

    • Widespread domestic and global roaming potential

          • More responsive Internet connections for multimedia-based apps, like online gaming, video conferencing and security camera monitoring 
          • Access to a wider array of devices
          • Devices with backward compatibility with our 3G network, which ensures your connections are maintained even in non-4G LTE coverage locations

    • Access to critical information and apps at all times, in all places
    • Double the 4G LTE bandwidth in XLTE markets with XLTE compatible devices – Learn more about XLTE

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  4. Where is 4G LTE Mobile Broadband service available?

    4G LTE Mobile Broadband is available in cities and towns across the US. To see current availability in your area, check the coverage map.

    Additionally, our 4G LTE devices also provide connectivity to our existing 3G network, available in thousands of cities and towns across the US.

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  5. Do I need to subscribe to an Internet service provider in order to use 4G LTE Mobile Broadband?

    No, 4G LTE Mobile Broadband provides complete Internet access. A separate Internet service provider account is not necessary.

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  6. Do I get an email account with 4G LTE Mobile Broadband service?

    No, we don’t currently provide email accounts. However, you can use the 4G LTE Mobile Broadband network and your Internet browser or Virtual Private Network (VPN) client to access your existing email accounts. That way you can still send and receive email while away from your home or office.

    If you have a business account, check with your IT department regarding intranet access requirements.

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  7. How do I set up a new 4G LTE Mobile Broadband device on my computer?

    Our Mobile Broadband devices come with a software installation CD that will help you set up the necessary drivers and software onto your computer. After installation, there will be a few automated steps to activate the device, and you’ll be ready to start browsing.

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  8. What computer operating systems are compatible with 4G LTE Mobile Broadband?

    4G LTE Mobile Broadband service currently supports:

    • Windows®

          • Vista®
          • XP®
          • 7
          • 8
          • 8.1

    • Mac®

          • OSX 10.4.7
          • OSX 10.5
          • OSX 10.6
          • OSX 10.7
          • OSX 10.8
          • OSX 10.9

    Plus, we’re continually working on adding new operating systems. For the latest information, please visit our VZAccess Manager website.

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  1. What 4G Mobile Broadband devices are available?

    4G LTE Mobile Broadband service is currently available with:

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  2. Will my 4G LTE device work on the 3G network?

    Yes, our 4G LTE devices are compatible with our 3G network. So even if you travel to an area without 4G LTE coverage, you may still be able to access the Internet through our 3G network.

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  3. Can I use my current 3G device on the 4G LTE Mobile Broadband network?

    No, 3G devices don’t have the required technology to connect to the 4G LTE network.

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  4. I’m already a Verizon Wireless customer. Do I need a new mobile number for the 4G LTE Mobile Broadband data device, or can I use my existing phone number?

    You’ll need to add an additional mobile number to your account for the data devices. The data devices have their own mobile number and Device ID, just like a mobile phone.

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  5. An extender cable was included with my USB modem. What’s the purpose of it?

    The extender cable can be used to ensure that you’re receiving optimum signal strength for your Mobile Broadband service. This cable plugs into your USB port on your laptop and the USB modem.

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  6. Can I activate a 4G LTE device that I purchased from somewhere other than Verizon Wireless?

    Yes, you may activate any 4G LTE device that has been certified by Verizon Wireless to be compatible with our 4G LTE network, including devices not purchased directly from Verizon Wireless.

    If you did not purchase your device from Verizon Wireless, please be aware that certification of a device for use on the Verizon Wireless network does not mean that Verizon Wireless has made any determination as to the function, call quality or other functionality provided by the device. The device provider is solely responsible for the representations of its product function, functionality, pricing and service agreements. Verizon Wireless does not in any way warrant that the certified device (a) will operate or operate without error on the network (including the network of any other carrier accessed while roaming or otherwise), or with available Verizon Wireless branded products and services (b) will operate without the need for periodic upgrades or modifications to the certified device; (c) will operate indefinitely on the network; (d) will not be subject to service disruptions or interruptions due to government regulation, system capacity, coverage limitations, radio signal interference or other anomalies; or (e) will not be adversely affected by network-related modifications, upgrades or similar activity. Also, you should contact the device provider from whom you purchased the device for questions about its operations and capabilities. Verizon Wireless representatives may not be able to troubleshoot operational difficulties encountered with devices not purchased from Verizon Wireless.

    Activate Your Phone or Device

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  1. What 4G LTE Mobile Broadband plans are available?

    There are 2 types of data-only plans available:

    • The MORE Everything Plan – This is a standard monthly plan where you select a set monthly data allowance and receive a bill at the end of your bill cycle for the amount of data that you used. If you go over your data allowance, you’ll receive an additional 1 GB of data to use for a set fee. Your plan can include just your data-only device, or you can add up to 9 other devices to your plan and share the data across all of them.
    • Prepaid plans – These plans require no long-term contract, and you can select from daily, weekly and monthly data allowances, depending on the type of device you have. You add money to your prepaid account ahead of time, and based on your usage, the money is deducted from your account as needed. You can also purchase additional data allowances at any time if you find you need more.

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  2. How can I check data usage for my Mobile Broadband device?

    You can check your unbilled monthly data use for your Mobile Broadband device through the following options:

    • Online – Go to the My Usage section of the My Verizon Overview page.

      Note: For business accounts, you can check usage in My Business Account or Verizon Enterprise Center.

    • In VZAccess® Manager – Click the Usage tab.
    • By phone - Call *611 from your mobile phone and follow the prompts to hear your usage.

      Note: You must have your Mobile Broadband device mobile number available to check usage.

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  3. What types of apps and services are likely to lead to high data usage?

    Some of the apps or activities that can lead to high data usage are:

    • Streaming videos or music
    • Uploading and downloading photos or other large files
    • Apps that sync regularly or run in the background
    • Apps that require a continuous Internet connection
    • Online games
    • Downloading large files

    For more information and to get a better estimate of how much data you might use, refer to our Data Calculator.

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  4. Does Verizon Wireless send a message when my 4G LTE Mobile Broadband data usage approaches my limit?

    Yes, we send text messages to your Mobile Broadband device, which you can view by selecting the Text Messaging tab in VZAccess Manager. These messages will appear when your usage reaches 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% of your monthly data allowance.

    However, until the beginning of your first full bill cycle for your 4G LTE Mobile Broadband service, there will be a time lag that can be as long as 8 hours between the end of a data session and the point at which your data usage for that session is applied to your account. Therefore, it’s possible that you may exceed your usage allowance before receiving a text message.

    If you want to set different thresholds and/or specify the phone numbers and email addresses where alerts will be sent, you can do this on the Usage Alerts page in My Verizon.

    Note: If you have a business account, you can manage your alerts in My Business Account or Verizon Enterprise Center.

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  5. Do software updates count towards my Mobile Broadband data allowance?

    Yes, downloads for computer OS updates, anti-virus and other software updates will count against your data allowance. You may want to change your computer settings so these updates won’t automatically download until you approve the download.

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  1. Is the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Mobile Broadband network secure?

    The Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network incorporates secure storage, mutual authentication, 128-bit encryption and airlink ciphering to protect your data transmissions. We always recommend you use a VPN and firewall software to provide additional security for your information.

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  2. Will 4G LTE Mobile Broadband work with IP Sec and existing VPN solutions?

    Yes, your VPN product should treat the 4G Mobile Broadband data network exactly as it treats the Internet; however, we recommend testing your specific VPN over the 4G Mobile Broadband network before you deploy the service. Verizon Wireless' national data sales team, in conjunction with system engineers and data solutions managers, work with customers and VPN providers to enable secure, wireless access to their VPN over the 4G Mobile Broadband network. Your Verizon Wireless sales representative can provide additional information on VPN access over the Verizon Wireless networks. Verizon Wireless Data Sales Engineers are also available to meet with your corporate IT group to answer any questions and ensure a smooth implementation.

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  1. I’m having trouble connecting to the network with my netbook. Do I have to turn anything else on when using the Mobile Broadband service?

    With some models of netbooks purchased from Verizon Wireless, you may need to make sure that the power switch (if any) for the embedded wireless card is in the “on” position, and also launch VZAccess Manager.

    If you purchased your netbook elsewhere, you may or may not need to check the power switch for the embedded wireless card (if any). Some netbook vendors also use connection manager software other than VZAccess Manager.

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  2. Why can't I send email through my existing ISP mail account?

    Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) require their customers to authenticate before sending email from other networks, such as Verizon Wireless' network. Please contact your email service provider for assistance in configuring your mail client.

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Last Modified: June 17, 2014