Smart home

Get hands-free help
with Google Home.


4 ways Google Home helps families stay on top of tasks

‘OK Google’ is more than a phrase — it’s a key to home improvement.

3 top security cameras for your home

Transform your house into a safer, more secure smart home.

Hands-on with the Google Home Mini

Read what top critics are saying about Google’s tiny smart-home assistant.

How the Ring Video Doorbell 2 helps homeowners

Check out why the press says this ingenious device ticks all the boxes.

Smart lights
and switches

A brilliant way to light your home and power your appliances.

Smart security systems

Synced with your phone so you can always know what’s going on at home.

Smart Wi-Fi thermostats

Keep your home feeling just right and save on your energy bill.

Smart home media

Automate your home with smart speakers and media devices.

4 reasons why Google Home is tailor-made for off-campus college students

This smart-home device does a lot more than play music and find the square root of 7,687.

No more

Find the sweet spot and save on your energy bill with the Nest Learning Thermostat.

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A watchful eye.

See and hear what’s happening
in your home with the Canary
All-in-One home security system.