Premium Visual Voicemail Caller Greeting - Samsung

  1. If applicable, access Visual Voicemail.
  2. From the Visual Voicemail Inbox, tap Menu (located in bottom-left).
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Caller dependent greetings.
  5. Tap the plus sign (+) to create a group.
  6. Enter a group name.
  7. Tap Add group members.
  8. Enter or select preferred contacts then tap Done.
    Linote Contact is selected when check box is checked.
  9. Tap Done.
  10. Tap Create greeting.
  11. Tap Record to begin recording the greeting.
  12. When appropriate, tap Stop to discontinue recording.
  13. To review the message, tap Play.
    Note To re-record the message before sending, tap Re-record and tap Yes then repeat step 9.
  14. Tap Save.
  15. Tap Save to save the group.


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