Ensure the 10-Digit Mobile Number or Email Address is Being Entered Correctly

This information may resolve issues with sending text/picture messages.

When sending a text/picture message, verify that the correct 10-digit mobile number or email address is being entered. Make sure the mobile number does not include:

  • Extra characters (e.g., dots(.), hyphens (-), etc.)
  • A 1 (one) before the area code of the mobile number
  • Other codes (e.g., *67) before the area code of the mobile number

When sending a text/picture message while traveling overseas only 10 or 11 digits are necessary with the exception of India. While in India and sending a text/picture message to an area code:

Starting with 9XX
11 digits must be used.
Starting with 91X
use 001 before the 10-digit mobile number.

For modems or data cards, ensure that operator assisted dialing within Windows is disabled. For assistance refer to Disabling Operator-Assisted Dialing.