Protect Against Downloading Ransomware Malware - Android™

Note Need to know info:

  • Ransomware is a type of malware software designed to extort money from someone by locking up their device and personal data files.
  • The device owner is then required to pay a 'ransom' to possibly get the device unlocked and restore access to the personal data files.
  • Tips on avoiding getting Ransomware:
    • Exercise caution when opening email attachments.
    • Only download apps from the Google Play Store.
      Note To help protect against downloading infected apps:
      1. Navigate: Settings > Security / Security & Screen Lock
      2. Under Device Administration.
        • Uncheck Unknown sources.
        • If available, check Verify Apps.
    • Avoid websites and ads with questionable content.


  1. Install the Digital Secure app.
  2. Set the appropriate security settings.
  3. Run a manual virus scan on the device.


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