Move to iOS App for Android®

Note Move to iOS is an app available via the Google Play store used to securely move content from an Android® device to an iOS device. This app moves contacts, message history, photos, videos, bookmarks, mail accounts, calendar, wallpaper and DRM-free books.

Caution Before you begin:

  • Install the Move to iOS app on the Android® device before activating the iOS device.
    Note If the iOS device is already activated select one of the following options:
    • Erase All Content & Settings to follow the instructions below.
    • If you don't want to erase, follow the instructions to Manually Move Content - Apple.
  • Android® device:
    • Ensure the device software is version 4.0 or later.
    • Ensure Wi-Fi is turned on.
    • Ensure the device is connected to a power source.
    • Ensure the content fits on the new iOS device.
  • iOS device:
    • Ensure the device is connected to a power source.
    • Ensure the device software is iOS 9 or later.


  1. From the Android® device, navigate: Apps > Google Play.
  2. Search 'Move to iOS' then tap the app.
  3. Tap Install then tap Accept.
  4. Tap Open.
  5. Power on the iOS device to begin the activation and setup.
  6. Follow the activation prompts until you arrive at the 'Apps & Data' screen.
    Note From the Wi-Fi screen, set up a connection.
  7. From the Apps & Data screen, tap Move Data from Android®.
    Note The option only appears if Wi-Fi was selected during setup.
  8. From the Android® device, tap Continue from the Move to iOS app.
  9. To continue, review the Terms & Conditions then tap Agree.
  10. From the Find Your Code screen, tap Next (located in the upper-right).
  11. From the iOS device, tap Continue on the Move from Android® screen.
  12. Wait for a 10 digit code to appear on the iOS device.
    Note If the Android® device shows a weak Internet alert, ignore the alert.
  13. From the Android® device, enter the code then wait for the Transfer Data screen to appear.
  14. From the Android® device, select the content to transfer then tap Next.
  15. Leave both devices alone until the loading bar on the iOS device finishes.
    Note Do not interrupt iOS device, even if Android® device indicates it is complete.
    Note The transfer time varies based on the Internet connection and the amount of content being moved.
  16. When complete, tap Done on the Android® device.
  17. Tap Continue on the iOS device and follow the steps to finish setup.


Note For further assistance, visit Apple - Move to iOS.