Push to Talk Plus - Dispatch Console - Activate PTT Dispatch via MBA / VEC

  1. Log in to My Business or Verizon Enterprise Center.
  2. Navigate: Manage Account > View All.
    click view all
  3. From the product tools list click Push to Talk.
  4. From the contacts tab search the appropriate PTT user by name or mobile number.
    Search for contact
  5. Click the appropriate PTT user to pull up the contact profile.
    Click the appropriate contact
  6. Click Get Activation Code (located at the top).
    click get activation code
  7. Enter the appropriate emial address then click Continue.
    Enter the email address
  8. Review the transaction reference number then click OK.
    Click OK
  9. Ensure customer receives email with a title ' Activation Code now available for Pus to Talk Plus' with a link at the bottom to download and install Push to Talk Dispatch.
    Confirmation email