Apple Watch® - Activate / Set Up Device

Note Notes:

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  • Before you begin:
    • Only one Apple Watch at a time can be paired to an iPhone; if you are pairing and activating a replacement iPhone® or Apple Watch, follow these steps to unpair before proceeding.
    • Your watch must share a number with an iPhone on your account. Check out these NumberShare FAQs for more info.
    • Both devices must be charged and kept close together while they are paired and synced.
    • Ensure your iPhone:
      • is updated to iOS 13 or higher.
      • is connected to the Verizon network and the Bluetooth® setting is turned on.
      • is NOT on a phone call.
      • has LTE Voice and Data turned on.
      • has a network connection or Wi-Fi turned on.


  1. If you have not previously powered on your Apple Watch, press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo is displayed.
    Start pairing buttons
  2. Tap the Watch app on your iPhone.
    Note A pairing animation should appear on the Watch.
    Note If you see an 'Activation Lock' screen, your Apple Watch is linked to an Apple ID; enter your login info to continue.
  3. Tap Start Pairing on the Watch and the iPhone.
    Start pairing buttons
  4. Center the iPhone over the pairing animation on the Watch until 'Your Apple Watch is Paired' is displayed.
    Note If the pairing animation isn't displayed or the iPhone doesn't read it, tap Pair Apple Watch manually.
    Pairing viewfinder
  5. Once you receive confirmation of successful pairing, tap Set Up Apple Watch.
    Note If the watch has been set up before, tap Restore from Backup then follow the onscreen steps.
    Paired success
  6. On the iPhone, pick the wrist (left or right) you wear the watch on.
    Note Based on this, you must also pick the 'Digital Crown Orientation' (left or right side).
    Choose wrist
  7. To continue, read the Terms and Conditions then tap Agree.
  8. From your iPhone, choose if you want the Watch to use Location Services (Route Tracking) and Siri.
    Note Enable Location Services if you want your Apple Watch to track your workout routes.
  9. Tap OK to enable your Watch to share settings with your iPhone.
    Note These settings transfer from the Watch to the iPhone and back. If a setting for these services is changed on one device, it applies to both devices.
    • Location Services & Find My iPhone
    • Siri
    • Analytics
    Enabled shared settings
  10. On the iPhone, choose whether or not to make a passcode for the Watch.
    Note A passcode is required for features like Apple Pay.
    • Create a Passcode
      1. Make a passcode using the Watch.
      2. Select an option to choose whether the Watch unlocks with the iPhone.
    • Add a Long Passcode
    Create Passcode
  11. Choose an option to sync the iPhone apps that work with the Watch:
    • Install All
      Note Only the apps that are compatible with the Watch are synced.
    • Choose Later
    Install apps
  12. Keep the Watch and the iPhone close together until you receive the alert that syncing is complete then tap Continue or OK if prompted.
  13. Tap OK to open the Watch app.
    Open Watch app


Note Notes:

  • For versions of the Watch with Cellular (LTE), you must pair and share a number with a compatible iPhone. If you haven't set up or are having issues activating NumberShare, view these steps.
  • For additional info on cellular set up, refer to Apple Watch Activation Support.