LG V30® - Set Up Face Recognition

Note Notes:

  • Facial recognition is a secondary unlock method that results in your phone being less secure.
  • If synced to a corporate exchange account, the availability of this option is dependant upon the policies of your IT admin.

  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Settings Settings icon > Lock screen & security Lock screen and security settings icon.
    Note These instructions only apply to Home mode
  2. From the Security section, tap Face Recognition Face recognition icon.
    Note If presented, enter the current PIN, password, or pattern.
  3. Do one of the following:
    1. For first time setup:Tap Next.
    2. If presented, select a lock screen option (e.g., Pattern, PIN, Password) then follow the steps to complete the process.
      Note If necessary, refer to Set Up Screen Lock for assistance.
    3. Review the info then tap START.
  4. While holding the phone 8-20 inches away, position your face within the circle displayed on-screen.
  5. Choose from the following options to turn on on switch icon or off off switch icon.
    • Allow when screen is off
    • Swipe to unlock after face recognized
    • Advanced face recognition
  6. To remove face data:
    • From the Face Recognition section, tap Delete face.
    • To confirm, tap DELETE.