Samsung Chromebook Plus - Activate / Set Up Device

If you need to transfer contacts and media from one device to another, follow these step-by-step instructions before activating the new device.

Caution To activate the device on prepaid service, refer to Set up Verizon Prepaid Data Service.

  1. From the Welcome screen tap Let's go.
  2. From the Connect to network screen tap Verizon Wireless.
  3. Tap CONNECT then tap the close icon Close window (upper-right) to return to the set up.
  4. To proceed, review the Google Chrome OS terms then tap Accept and continue.
  5. Enter your Gmail address then tap Next.
    Note If you don't have one, create one.
  6. Enter your Gmail password then tap Next.
  7. Review the sync options then tap Accept and continue.
  8. Review the Google Play apps and services then tap More.
  9. Select any of the following as desired then tap I Agree:
    Note Selected when a checkmark is present.
    • Back up Google Drive
    • Help apps find location


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