Import Contacts From a Comma Separated Values (*.csv) / vCard file - Gmail™

This shows you how to import contacts to Gmail from a saved .csv file.

Note Notes:

  • Gmail currently utilizes Contacts preview, a new way to view and edit contacts on your computer.
  • At this time, actions such as importing from a .csv or vCard file are done from the original version of Google contacts.


  1. From a computer, launch an Internet browser then navigate to the Gmail website.
  2. Sign in with the Gmail account username and password.
  3. Click the "Gmail" dropdown menu Drop down menu icon (located in the upper-left) then click Contacts.
  4. Click Import (located on the left).
     If necessary, navigate: More > Import.
  5. Click CSV or vCard file.
  6. From the "Import from old Google contacts?" prompt, click Go To Old Contacts.
  7. Click the "More" dropdown menu Drop down menu icon (located at the top) then click Import.
  8. Click Choose File.
  9. Select the desired .CSV / vCard file then click Choose or Open.
  10. Click Import.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Return to Contacts preview and refresh the browser.


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