Verizon Ellipsis® 7 - Add a Wi-Fi Network

  1. From a Home screen, tap the Apps icon Apps icon.
    Note Located at the bottom (in portrait) or at the right (in landscape).
  2. From the Apps tab, tap Settings Settings icon.
  3. Ensure Wi-Fi switch (located in the upper-right) is ON Switch on.
  4. Tap the preferred Wi-Fi network.
    Note If the preferred network is not listed, it can be added manually.
  5. If presented, enter the appropriate Password then tap Connect.
    Note To view the password as it's being entered, tap (check) Show password.
    Note If you're unable to connect to Wi-Fi, refer to the Device Won't Connect to Wi-Fi section of Troubleshooting Common Issues - Verizon Ellipsis 7.

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