11 apps to help monitor your health

Take control of your well-being with these health apps.

Your smartphone or tablet can help you stay healthy in ways you may not have imagined. Paired with the right apps, you can speak to a doctor via video chat, check your sleeping patterns, and even get help managing your diabetes or blood pressure. Here are 11 apps you can use to keep your health on track:

1. White Eye Detector

Like red-eye, a white pupil seen in photos of children could be nothing more than a camera effect. But it can also sometimes be the sign of serious eye diseases, such as retinoblastoma or a pediatric cataract. The White Eye Detector app searches your camera roll for photos with white eye so you can review for yourself. The app also gives full reports for the findings and helps with further research on automated white eye detection. (For Android™ and iOS)

2. Doctor Mole

If you’re wondering about that suspicious mark on your skin, the Doctor Mole app can come in handy. It works with your device’s camera to help analyze suspicious moles you photograph. Visiting your dermatologist is still something you should do, although Doctor Mole can at least give you instant feedback. (For Android, iOS and Windows Phone®)

3. GotoAID

Handle emergencies with the help of GotoAID, which provides first-aid guidance for situations including car accidents and natural disasters. It also provides information about state, federal and international resources. Find out more about legal matters, incident reports and using distress signals with GotoAID. (For Android)

4. Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate uses your phone’s camera to measure your heart rate, letting you monitor and control stress. By tracking your stress levels, you can learn to better manage stress and reduce those levels over time. (For Android, iOS and Windows Phone)

5. Glooko

Manage your diabetes with the Glooko app. Keep track of your carb intake, insulin, medication, exercise, blood pressure and weight data. The app also lets you easily share your information with doctors via email or fax. (For Android and iOS)

6. Sleep Better

Learn how to improve your sleep with Runtastic’s Sleep Better app. Track your activities, such as alcohol consumption and how long you exercised, to see how they affect your sleep. You can even log dreams and monitor moon phases. (For Android and iOS)

7. Doctor on Demand

Whether you have a medical question or you’re in desperate need of a prescription for a case of the flu, Doctor on Demand provides access to 1,400 board-certified doctors, so you can get a trustworthy medical opinion. You can actually set up video-call appointments with a physician, too. (For Android and iOS)

8. HealthTap

Similar to Doctor on Demand, HealthTap lets you talk to a doctor, share photos or test results and get immediate answers. You can also create doctor-prescribed checklists and reminders to help better manage your health. Additionally, the app offers tips, news and app recommendations from doctors. (For Android and iOS)

9. Moves

If you want to track your activity without having to think about it, put your phone in your pocket or purse and Moves will “follow” your day, putting together an easy-to-read storyline of your everyday life, exercise and regularly-visited places. Notice good patterns (morning runs in the park) and bad ones (an afternoon beeline to the donut shop on the corner) so you can appropriately adjust for a healthier lifestyle. (For Android and iOS)

10. Fooducate

Fooducate tracks your diet and calorie intake to help with weight loss and foster good health. Fooducate reads food barcodes—analyzing each item’s ingredients—and grades them based on nutritional value. Receive suggestions for healthy alternatives and create shopping lists based on your food preferences and favorite stores. (For Android and iOS)

11. Cozi

When you’re juggling dance lessons, soccer practice and other errands, that doctor’s appointment you made a while ago might get lost in the shuffle. That’s where Cozi comes in. You can manage your doctor’s visits and your other household activities in one place with the Cozi app. You’ll also get appointment notifications. (For Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry®)

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