GizmoHub FAQs

General Information

  1. What is GizmoHub?

    GizmoHub is an app that lets you call, find and control your Gizmo wearable devices (e.g., GizmoWatch™, GizmoGadget™, etc.). You'll need to download and install the app on your phone to set up your Gizmo devices.

    Once they're set up, you can use the app to:

    • Speak with your child - Call your child's Gizmo any time, and your child can call you.
    • Find your child - Check the location of your child's Gizmo with just one tap. You can also schedule a time for the Gizmo to automatically check your child's location or set GPS boundaries and get notified if your child crosses them.
    • Add contacts - Invite Gizmo Buddies, Caregivers and other Guardians who can call the Gizmo and receive calls.

      Note: Set up a Gizmo Buddy to let 2 Gizmo Watches call and text each other.
    • Send messages - Send short text messages to your child's GizmoGadget or Gizmo Watch.
    • Manage your child's Gizmo - You can use the GizmoHub app to change settings on the Gizmo, like volume, ringtones and fun sounds.
    • Keep your child's information safe - You can protect this app by adding a PIN. Even if your phone is lost or stolen, your child's information will remain protected.
  2. What permissions do Guardians, Caregivers and Buddies have?

    Please refer to the chart below:

    Contact Types Guardians Caregivers Gizmo Buddy
    Call & get calls from Gizmo
    Text with Gizmo
    Locate Gizmo    
    Get Time, Location & other alerts
    Turn Gizmo off & change settings      
    Add & manage contacts      

    Note: You can add up to 10 contacts per child.

  3. Why are my contacts and Caregivers missing in the GizmoHub app but showing on my Gizmo device?

    If you recently updated the GizmoHub app, but deleted it prior to creating a new account, it will result in losing contacts saved on the previous version of the app.

    To add your contacts back, the Gizmo device will need to be reset/deleted from the child profile. Once deleted, you will be able to "add Gizmo" to the child's profile again and re-add all contacts with Gizmo.

    Note: Caregivers will receive an invite to the child's profile once added. They may need to close the app and relaunch it if they don't receive the invite.

  4. How do I delete or reset my Gizmo from the GizmoHub app?

    To delete or reset your Gizmo through the app:

    1. Make sure your Gizmo is sufficiently charged and turned on.
    2. From the GizmoHub app, tap More.
    3. Tap Manage Devices.
    4. Tap Child Gizmo Device.
    5. Under Device Settings, scroll down and tap Delete Gizmo.

    This will reset the Gizmo and allow you to add it to the Child profile.

    To reset your Gizmo from the device

  5. Why can't Caregivers accept my invitation or pair with my kid's Gizmo?

    Some of your caregivers may have a previous version of the GizmoHub app. To correct the pairing issues, they must download the newest version of GizmoHub from the Google Play™ Store or Apple® App Store®.

  6. Why can I call the Gizmo, but I can't locate or message it in the GizmoHub app?

    You may have deleted the GizmoHub app. Even with the app deleted, you can still call the child's Gizmo. However, to locate or message the child, the Guardian and Caregiver must have the GizmoHub app downloaded on their smartphone.

  7. Why do I need to create a child profile before I can pair my Gizmo?

    All Gizmos are tied to child profiles, so this is required in order to pair your Gizmo with the GizmoHub app.

  8. Can I add 911 as a contact in the GizmoHub app?

    Gizmo devices aren't compatible with 911 or similar emergency telephone number systems. They are designed for 10-digit dialing only, and they only allow calls between predetermined telephone numbers. You can’t program 911 as one of the numbers to call.

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