My Verizon App - Android™ & Apple® iOS - Download & Install

To download the My Verizon app, select one of the following:

  • Android
    Note Supported on smartphones and tablets running 4.0 or higher. For all other devices, visit to sign in and manage your account.
  • iOS
    Note Supported on iPhones (excludes Apple® iPhone® 4 / 4s) and iPads running iOS 10.0 or higher. For all other devices, visit to sign in and manage your account.



Note Notes:

  • The My Verizon app is usually pre-installed on the device; navigate: Apps > Verizon folder > My Verizon.
  • If the app is uninstalled, follow the instructions below:


  1. From a Home screen, tap Play Store Play store icon.
    Note May need to navigate: Apps > Google > Play Store.
    Note To access the Google Play™ Store, a Gmail™ account is required.
    Note If presented, review the Google Play Terms of Service then tap Accept to continue.
  2. Tap the Google Play search bar (at the top) then enter and select the My Verizon app.
  3. Tap Install.
  4. To open the app, tap Open.
    Note To exit without launching the app, tap the Home icon (at the bottom).





Note Notes:

  • For assistance retrieving or changing Apple ID passwords, check out this Apple Support page.
  • Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPad.


  1. From a Home screen, tap App Store App store.
  2. Tap Search (at the bottom).
  3. Tap Search (at the top) to enter 'My Verizon app' then tap Search.
  4. Tap 'Get' or the 'Cloud Download' icon.
  5. If prompted, tap Install.
  6. If prompted, tap Use Existing Apple ID.
    Note An Apple ID is required for app downloads; it's the email address associated with the account.
    Note If you have Face ID enabled, double-tap the Side button then look at your screen to verify purchase.
  7. Enter the Apple ID and password then tap OK.
    Note The My Verizon app is downloaded to the Home screen.
  8. From a Home screen, tap My Verizon.