Verizon Cloud - Android™ Smartphone - Install and Configure App

Check out the FAQs to learn more about Verizon Cloud.

Note Notes:

  • To transfer content directly from one device to the other refer to Access Content Transfer App for assistance.
  • Contacts are automatically restored to the device during the installation and configuration process.
  • Having a memory card in the device may be required for Verizon Cloud to work.
  • For best results, set up Verizon Cloud when the device has a good connection to the Verizon cellular network.

  1. If necessary, select Verizon Cloud then tap Install (from the Google Play Store).
  2. If necessary, tap Accept (from the app permissions page).
  3. If the Cloud app doesn't open automatically, open it from the Apps list.
  4. Tap Next, then if presented, tap Allow to allow Cloud to access content on the phone.
  5. Depending on the Cloud app version, tap 'Set Up Verizon Cloud' or 'Get Started'.
  6. If prompted, enter the password for the device then tap Sign in.
    Note The phone number must be registered at
  7. If prompted, enter the one-time PIN sent via email during first-time setup then tap Next.
  8. Select the desired option(s), then tap Next.
    Note Option selected when a check mark is present.
    • Contacts
    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Music
    • Documents
    • Messages
    • Call Logs
    Select Options
  9. If presented, select one of the following options, otherwise, skip to step 7.
    • Change Selections
      Note This option brings you back to step 6 to re-select what you would like to backup.
    • Upgrade
    Upgrade or Change Selections
  10. Enter an email address then tap Next.
    Note The same email address can be used with multiple phone numbers.
    Note Selected when a red dot appears next to the address.
    Select Done
  11. To review the enhancements pages, tap Next (located at the bottom) then tap Done.
    Note To skip the enhancement pages tap Dismiss.
    Tap Next
  12. Tap anywhere on the screen to continue, then view the Verizon Cloud Home screen.