Reconnect service FAQs

General Information

  1. How do I reconnect my mobile service?

    To reconnect your service on the same device you had when you suspended your service, follow the steps below. If you'd like to reconnect your service but use a different device, refer to our questions on reconnecting service on a different device.

    To reconnect your service in the My Verizon app:

    1. Tap the 3-line navigation menu in the upper left corner of your device screen.
    2. Tap Devices.
    3. Select the you want to reconnect and tap Manage.
    4. Tap Reconnect.
    5. Select "With the same device".
    6. Tap Reconnect.
    7. Tap Confirm.

    To reconnect your service in My Verizon:

    1. Go to the Suspend or Reconnect Service page in My Verizon.
    2. Select the mobile number you want to reconnect service for.
    3. Tap or click Next.
    4. Tap or click Submit to reconnect service for the same device.

    You've successfully reconnected your service. A confirmation page will indicate your service has been reconnected. It can take about an hour for your service to return.

  2. How do I reconnect mobile service online for a different device or SIM Card than I had before service was suspended?

    To reconnect service online for a different device or SIM Card than you had before:

    1. Go to the Suspend or Reconnect Service page in My Verizon.
    2. Select the mobile number you want to reconnect service for and tap or click Resume Service.
    3. Select Activate Device.
    4. Select I want to reconnect service with another device.
    5. Tap or click Reconnect Service To This Line. Your service will be reconnected.
    6. Tap or click Activate Device.
    7. Select Activate Device-Replace your current device by activating one without service.
    8. Identify your device by selecting I am activating a device that I have not used with this account.
      1. A Device ID field will appear.
      2. Enter the Device ID of the device you want to activate.
    9. Tap or click Next.
    10. Select a mobile device that you want the Online Authorization Code sent to by text message.
    11. Tap or click Text me the code. The authorization code will be sent to the mobile device you've chosen.
    12. Enter and re-enter the Online Authorization Code that was sent to the device in the required fields.
    13. Tap or click Confirm.
    14. Follow the steps to back up your contacts, if necessary. Otherwise, tap or click Next.
    15. Follow the steps for activating/transferring your SIM Card, then turn your device on.
      Note: It may take several minutes for service to be reconnected to your new device.
    16. Tap or click Return to Account Overview.

    You've successfully reconnected service on a different device.

  3. How soon will I be able to use my service after it has been reconnected?

    Your service is usually ready to use within one hour of reconnecting.

  4. Can I reconnect my mobile service online if I have a pending order on my account?

    No. If you currently have a pending order on your account, you won't be able to reconnect your mobile service online until the pending order is completed or removed from your account. Learn more on our Pending Orders Information page.

    An Account Owner or Account Manager can remove a pending order from an account online in My Verizon. Learn more about account access roles.

    Note: If a pending order is removed, then it's canceled and the order will have to be placed again.

    To remove a pending order from your account:

    1. Go to the My Orders page in My Verizon.
    2. Tap or click View pending account changes.
    3. Tap or click Delete next to the pending order you wish to remove.
    4. Tap or click Delete pending account change.

  5. What if I find my lost device after already resuming service on a different device?

    The lost device you found will still be blocked from connecting to our network, so simply switching service to that device won't work.

    Call Customer Service at *611 on your mobile phone, and they'll be able to remove the block. Once that's complete, you'll have the option of switching service to that device.