Ideas and exercises to enhance creative writing

Improve your writing with creative prompts and exercises to develop your skills and help beat the blank page. Generate first lines, titles and even characters. Learn how to create the perfect atmosphere for your story, flesh out a dialogue between your characters and more.

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Jan 03, 2014

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iDeas for Writing
iDeas for Writing
iDeas for Writing
iDeas for Writing
iDeas for Writing
iDeas for Writing
iDeas for Writing
iDeas for Writing
iDeas for Writing

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If you like writing, you don't have to worry about the creative blocks or the fear of the blank page anymore. Thanks to "iDeas for Writing", you will always carry with you a whole writing workshop with creative triggers and exercises to get your imagination flowing.

In "iDeas for Writing" you will find:

A creative trigger with thousand of great suggestions to give your stories a starting point.

A generator of surprising and inspiring titles to put the finishing touch to your novels, screenplays, tales...

A creative trigger with an infinite number of characters for you to find and model the protagonists of your narrations.

A generator of five random words for you to get inspired before your daily writing and to use as a start point in some exercises of the app.

A complete writing workshop with a lot of exercises organized by category and difficulty, for you to improve your writing and get the most of the creative triggers in the app.

The categories you will find in the writing exercises are:

1. Start writing right now. Exercises to beat the blank page and start writing as soon as possible
2. Build your characters. Exercises to create and shape memorable characters
3. Master The Techniques. Exercises for improving your writing skills
4. Dialogue and POV. Exercises for improving dialogue and narrators
5. Create the atmosphere. Exercises to describe and give atmosphere to the stories easily
6. Quick Exercises. For those days you haven't much time

Besides, we keep working on the app to help you in your writing with new great features.

"iDeas for Writing", inspiration in your pocket.

© iDeas for Writing - Literautas

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