Plain text editor and dictionary

Create and edit your work with focus. Use the clean plain-text editor to complete any writing project, whether it's a novel, play, lyric, poem or essay. Plus, access the built-in dictionary to find the perfect word, and save and share your work with your friends and editors.

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May 12, 2014

Version 1.2 Compatibility


Description from Google Play

JotterPad — Writer is the next-generation plain text editor engineered for Creative writing. It is perfect for writing novel, lyrics, poems, essay, draft and screenplay. The clean typing interface allows you to focus on writing, shaping your thoughts into text. Go about your creative writing without distractions and write to your hearts content.

“App of the Week Feb 2015” — Gizmodo UK
"It made writing simple & enjoyable again” — Lifehacker Japan
"Complete makeover with a Material-inspired design" — Dr Rita, AndroidPolice

# Full Featured Text Editor
- Distraction-free Interface
- Built in English Dictionary
- Extended Keyboard
- Keyboard Shortcuts (e.g. CTRL+Z for undo)
- Open .txt, Markdown (.md), .fountain
- Phrase Finding
- Undo & Redo
- Word and Character Count

# Innovative Technology
- CommonMark [New!]
- Live Markdown Preview * [New!]
- Custom font * [New!]
- Night Mode
- Dropbox Integration (Works even when offline)
- RTL Support
- Support Multiple Encodings (UTF-8, BIG 5 etc.)
- True Italic [New!]
- Typewriter Scrolling * [New!]
- Typeface & Style Customization
- Exclusive fonts. Hoefler&Co. Ideal Sans, FF Fago Mono, Novel Mono

# Share and Export
- Share .txt
- Share Plain text
- Plain Text/Markdown to PDF (Android 4.4 and above)
- Plain Text/Markdown to .rtf [New!]
- Markdown to HTML
- Markdown to Formatted text
- Markdown to .docx (Beta) * [New!]

# Get Creative™ (*Requires In-app Purchase)
- Custom font
- Export to .docx (Beta)
- View Mode in Markdown
- Live Markdown Preview
- Remove PDF Watermark
- Snapshots to backup document
- English Thesaurus & Rhyme [New!]
- Typewriter Scrolling [New!]

# Note
1. JotterPad saves your work on exit.
2. Some of the features require Creative IAP.
3. App cleaning agents (Clean Master) delete text files. Please disable them.
4. JotterPad does not open .docx.

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Offers In-App Purchases