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Hum by Verizon FAQs

This page explains Hum by Verizon, how to check your vehicle's compatibility, how to get it and how to set it up.

General Information

  1. What is Hum by Verizon?

    Hum by Verizon is a system designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. The Hum by Verizon system includes:

    • Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) reader that monitors your vehicle's health
    • Bluetooth® speaker that gives you one-touch access to roadside assistance and emergency help. It easily secures to your visor for safe access while driving.
    • Hum app lets you monitor your vehicle's health, receive alerts and more from anywhere with your Android™ or iOS® device.

    Get Hum by Verizon now to enjoy these features and more:

    • Boundary alerts - set up to 10 boundary areas for your Hum-equipped vehicle. You'll receive a notice whenever the vehicle enters or leaves a designated area.
    • Speed alerts - manage a teen driver's speed by setting a maximum speed for your Hum-equipped vehicle. Hum will send a notice whenever it's exceeded.
    • Driving history - get detailed driving stats including driving distance, fuel economy, speed and more.
    • Auto health report - monthly emails showing your vehicle status, miles per gallon, maintenance reminders and more.
    • Geo-Discounts: Receive discounts from businesses that are near your vehicle. When you park within 500 ft. of a participating business you'll be able to opt-in to get notifications for offers and discounts near you.
    • RepairPal: Use RepairPal to find a RepairPal-certified auto mechanic near you. RepairPal's network of Certified shops will fix your vehicle at a fair price, and will guarantee their work with a local warranty. RepairPal's Fair Price Estimator™ will give you a solid idea of how much you can expect to pay. You can get your estimate, find a reliable shop near you and book an appointment.
    • Family Experience: Customers can now more easily share information like vehicle data, reminders, alerts, etc. among family members who do not have a Hum device.

    Visit our Hum by Verizon page to learn more about all the features, and choose the Hum option that's right for you.

  2. How does Hum by Verizon connect to my car to diagnose vehicle problems?

    The Hum by Verizon OBD reader connects easily to your vehicle's OBD port, which is the same port mechanics use to diagnose issues and monitor performance.

    You'll receive proactive alerts and easy-to-understand explanations for common onboard Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC). For unbiased troubleshooting, you can also press the blue customer service button on the Hum speaker to connect directly to the mechanics hotline.

  3. Which vehicles can use Hum by Verizon?

    Most vehicles made after 1996 can use Hum by Verizon.

    It's easy to see if your vehicle is compatible with Hum by Verizon:

    1. Go to hum.com/compatibility.
    2. Enter your vehicle's year, make and model. The screen updates automatically, and shows if your vehicle is or isn't compatible with Hum by Verizon.

  4. I'm already with Verizon, so where can I get Hum and how much does it cost?

    Get Hum by Verizon now at VerizonWireless.com. When you purchase Hum equipment for $29.99 with a 2-year subscription, Hum service is only $10/month plus taxes and fees.

    To purchase Hum you must have our unlimited plans that you can mix and match, the new Verizon Plan shared data plans (e.g., S, M, L), The Verizon Plan or The MORE Everything® Plan on your account. Learn more about the new Verizon Plan.

    2-year subscription required. Subject to credit review. One-time activation fee of up to $40 and $29.99 equipment charge apply per device. Other taxes and fees may apply. You may cancel the service for any reason within 14 days of activation. Beginning on day 15, an early cancellation fee of up to a $120 applies. Pinpoint roadside assistance provided by Signature Motor Club, Inc., for up to 4 events per year. Many services require GPS service and/or network availability, not available in all locations. Not all incidents or problems will be detected. Compatible vehicle model restrictions apply. Automotive discount services not available to residents of AR, CA, DE, MT, NE, NV, NM, OK, SC, TN, VA, WI, and WY.

  5. I'm not a Verizon Wireless subscriber. Can I still purchase Hum by Verizon?

    Yes, you can purchase Hum by Verizon at www.hum.com regardless of your wireless carrier. For access to America's most reliable network, switch to Verizon Wireless and order Hum online from VerizonWireless.com today.

  6. What is different between Hum+ Gen 2 and Humx Gen 2?

    Visit the Hum Products page on Hum.com for a comparison chart.

    To find the Comparison chart:

    1. Go to the Hum Products page.
    2. Tap or click the Compare Products button to view the comparison chart.

  7. Do I have to pay extra for additional drivers to use Hum by Verizon?

    No, anyone driving a vehicle equipped with Hum by Verizon can use the service.

  8. How does Hum by Verizon transmit data?

    Hum by Verizon uses the Verizon Wireless network to transmit vehicle data. It uses Bluetooth for pairing your smartphone to use handsfree calling.

  9. Is my Hum by Verizon data secure?

    Your data is protected by our world-class security infrastructure using a defense-in-depth approach, along with a dedicated security organization in place to monitor and protect our systems.


  1. How can I purchase the Humx device for only $5/month?

    You can get the Humx for $5/ month* when you order it using device payments. Learn more about Device Payments.

    Purchase Humx Gen 2.

    *$0 down (for qualified customers). $5/mo for 24 months; 0% APR.Retail: $120.

  2. What is the monthly cost for Humx service?

    The monthly cost for Hum service will total $15.00/month with Roadside Assistance or $13.50/month if you decline Roadside Assistance. You'll have the option of signing up for or declining roadside assistance when ordering Humx.

    Here's how your monthly charges break down:

    Service plan:
    Hum service charge:
    Service plan credit:
    Hum service promo:
    Total: $15 (w/Roadside Assistance) /
    $13.50 (w/out Roadside Assistance

    Device Payments

    If you purchased Humx with device payments, you'll see an additional monthly device payment charge of $5. If you ordered Humx at retail price or the 2-year contract* discount, those charges will appear only on your first bill.

    *With a 2-year contract, you may cancel the service for any reason within 14 days of activation. Beginning day 15, an early cancellation fee of up to $175 for Humx applies with a two-year subscription.

  3. What service plans are available with Humx?

    The Humx connected device does not require a standard wireless plan. Your monthly charges will include the connected device line fee and the Hum subscription cost. See the monthly cost for Hum service with the Humx.

  4. How do I order Humx?

  5. How do I set up Humx?

    Go to the Hum Setup page and choose Humx to view setup instructions and a video.


  1. How do I purchase the Hum+ device for the one-time equipment fee of $29.99?

    You can get the Hum+ device for a one-time equipment fee of $29.99 when you sign up for a 2-year contract*.

    In addition to the $29.99 equipment fee, your first bill will show the one-time activation fee of $40. These charges will not appear on your following bills. Your Hum subscription, starting as low as $10/month, will appear on your bill each month.

    *With a 2-year contract, you may cancel the service for any reason within 14 days of activation. Beginning day 15, an early cancellation fee of up to $120 for Hum+ applies.

    Buy Hum+ Gen 2

  2. What is the monthly cost for Hum+ service?

    The monthly cost for Hum service will total $10.00/month.

    Here's how your monthly charges break down:

    Connected device line
    Hum service charge:
    Hum service discount:
    Total: $10

  3. What service plans are available with Hum+?

    The Hum+ connected device does not require a standard wireless plan like The new Verizon Plan, Go Unlimited, etc. Your monthly charges will include the connected device line fee and the Hum subscription cost. See the monthly cost for Hum service with the Hum+.

  4. How do I order Hum+?

  5. How do I set up Hum+?

    Go to the Hum Setup page and choose Hum+ to view setup instructions and a video.

Google Assistant™

  1. What services and features are available with the Humx speaker with the Google Assistant?

    The Humx speaker with the Google Assistant lets you access information about your car, including the vehicle's health, miles per gallon, driving history and more. You can also ask general questions and the Google Assistant will provide answers if available. Entertainment services such as music, podcasts, news and turn-by-turn navigation are not supported while the Google Assistant is engaged. You can use your Humx speaker for entertainment services by disengaging the Google Assistant during this time.

    Note: At all times, Crash Response, Pinpoint Roadside Assistance and the Mechanics Hotline will function and automatically override the Google Assistant.

  2. How do I ask the Google Assistant a Hum related question?

    On Google Assistant enabled devices, say, "Hey Google, ask Hum..." then your Hum related question.

    Through the Humx speaker press the call button and say, "Ask Hum...” then ask your Hum related question. (If your question is not Hum specific, simply press the call button and ask your question after the sound.)

    Note: Because Google is integrated into the device, there is no need to say "Hey Google."

  3. Does my phone still connect to my Humx speaker for use as a Bluetooth speaker phone?

    Your Humx will receive a software update which will require action on your part should you want to continue to use the Humx's speaker as your Bluetooth Hands-Free device, paired to your phone. Once the new update occurs, you'll notice the connection from your phone to the Humx speaker is no longer automatically established. To re-establish the connection, follow the instructions to connect via Bluetooth.

  4. Why aren't requests and activities showing up in my Google account?

    The Google Assistant can do things like set reminders or add items to a shopping list. If you've tried to do this through the Hum App but the activities aren't showing up in your Google Account, it's probably an account linkage issue. Only the user that originally set up the Google Assistant through the Hum app can have it associated with their Google Account. At this time, it does not support multiple accounts.

  5. Does the Google Assistant listen all the time and store information?

    No. User privacy comes first. Only what is asked/answered after pushing the call button on the Humx speaker is stored. If preferred, this setting can be changed in your My Activity settings in the Google Assistant app. You are always in control of what data Google collects and stores.

  6. How do I recover my Google Account?

    You can recover your Google Account by accessing the Google Help center at support.google.com. Search for "Recover your Google account" and answer questions to confirm it is your account. If you forgot your sign in email address, you'll need to know either the phone number or the recovery email address plus the full name on your account.

  7. Why use the Google Assistant to control my smart home devices?

    The Google Assistant works with more than 10,000 smart devices from more than 1,000 brands, so you can easily control things around your house—even on the road—using just your voice.

  8. How do I add a smart home device?

    Start by setting up your smart device by following the steps provided by the device. Then download and open the Google Assistant app and sign in with your Google Account. Tap Add, then Set up device. Select Works with Google. Select the device maker and sign in. Follow the onscreen instructions to add a nickname and room for the device.