Pay your bill FAQs

Find answers to questions about paying your Verizon bill. For help about viewing billing statements refer to our Billing Statements FAQs and How To page.

Need more time to pay your bill this month? Visit our Payment Arrangement & Promise to Pay FAQs to learn about getting an extension to pay your account balance.

General Information

  1. How do I pay my bill?

    We offer several convenient options to pay your bill. If you have an active line on your My Verizon account, you can set up Auto Pay, pay your bill in the My Verizon app or online in My Verizon.

    Note: The Account Owner and Account Manager can view and pay bills in the My Verizon app or online. Account Members can make a payment but can't view the bill or bill details. Learn more about account roles.

    A $7 Agent Assistance Fee applies to any payment or promise to pay arrangement made with a Customer Service Representative over the phone.

    • For Customer Service Representative assisted payments made with a credit card, debit card or an electronic check, you'll see the Agent Assistance Fee on your card billing statement or account statement.
    • If any Customer Service Representative assisted payment is canceled or returned, the Agent Assistance Fee still applies.
  2. Why is my bill higher this month?

    If your bill is higher and you're not sure why, you can find the reasons in My Verizon. Go to the My Bill page, and tap or click Find out what changed from your last bill.

    You'll see a detailed side-by-side comparison of your current bill and last month's bill. If you have multiple lines on your account, you can see the charges for each line to know exactly why your bill changed.

    Here are some reasons your bill may be higher:

    • Were there any overages? If you're regularly going over your data allowance, you can change your plan anytime online in My Verizon or with the My Verizon app.

    • Did someone use more data, voice or text than expected? Go to the View bill page, and tap or click the View activity usage link at the top of the page. You'll be able to see details about how much each line used that month. To keep better control over the heavier users on your account, Verizon Smart Family™ lets you limit how much they can use.

      Note: Unlimited plans don't show data usage on the bill.

    • Did you upgrade your plan? If you added more data to your plan, your next bill will be higher. Your monthly charges may have increased to offer greater allowances.

    • Did you purchase a new device? If you ordered a new device using device payments, the monthly charge for this device will be added to your bill.

    • Did you add a new device? When you activate a new device, you'll see an activation fee on your next bill for the new line of service.

    • Did you upgrade a device? When you upgrade a device on an existing line, you'll see an upgrade fee on your next bill.

    • Did you subscribe to or upgrade any products or services? If you signed up for a monthly service like Verizon Smart Family or upgraded your Verizon Cloud storage, the additional charge will appear on your bill.

    • Has the amount of surcharges and government taxes & fees increased? On the What's Changed page, you can compare these between your current and last bill. Look for the Surcharges row and the Government taxes and fees row.

    • Did you set up or cancel a payment arrangement with a Customer Service Representative over the phone? If so, you'll see a $7 Agent Assistance Fee.
  3. Where can I find a specific credit or charge on my bill?

    You can see your different charges and credits on the My Bill page in My Verizon:

    • Credits: If there are credits on your bill, they’ll appear under One-time charges & credits.

    • Line access fee: To see how much the line access fee is for a line, scroll down and tap or click the line you want to view. Under Monthly Charges, there's a row showing the line access fee.

      Note: If you have Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited or Above Unlimited, the line access fee is included in the monthly plan cost for your device rather than listed separately.

    • Total charges (account): The total account level charges are displayed under the Account charges section.

    • Total charges (individual lines): Total charges for each line are listed below the Account charges. Select a line to see more details about that line's charges.

    • Taxes, surcharges and fees: Surcharges and government taxes & fees are listed under the individual lines. Select a line to see that line's specific surcharges, government taxes & fees.

    • One-time charges: You'll see the $7 Agent Assistance Fee for payment arrangements made with a Customer Service Representative over the phone.
  4. What forms of payment does Verizon Wireless accept?

    You can pay online on the Pay Bill page in My Verizon by any of the following methods:

    • Check
    • Credit, debit or ATM card with a logo for one of the following companies:
      • Visa®
      • MasterCard®
      • Discover®
      • American Express®
      • PULSE®
      • NYCE®
      • STAR®
    • Verizon Wireless Gift Card

    Learn how to set up a saved payment method.

    Note: You can also pay cash in Verizon Wireless stores.

  5. Is there a charge for any payment method?

    We don't charge fees for using any of our self-serve payment methods, such as the My Verizon app, online in My Verizon or using Auto Pay. However, you should check with your bank or credit card company to see if they charge a fee for processing the transaction.

    A $7 Agent Assistance Fee will be charged for any payment or payment arrangement made with a Customer Service Representative over the phone.

  6. Is there a charge for a returned check?

    Yes, there's a non-sufficient funds fee for a returned check. The fee amount depends on what state you live in.

    Non-sufficient funds fee amount by state:

    • $20 in Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Indiana, New York & Utah
    • $25 in all other states
  7. Can I schedule a one-time payment in advance?

    Yes, you can schedule a one-time payment up to 14 days in advance of your bill's due date when using a checking account or credit/debit card.

    To schedule a one-time payment:

    1. Go to the Pay Bill page in My Verizon on your computer or mobile browser.
    2. Enter the amount you want to pay.
    3. In the Payment Method section, select the option to pay with a new or saved checking account.
      • Pay with a saved account:
        • Select the account you want to pay with.
        • Enter or choose a Payment date.
        • Tap or click Continue.
      • Pay with a new account:
        • Select Checking account.
        • Enter the payment information and select a Payment date.
        • Tap or click Continue.
    4. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the transaction.

    You've successfully scheduled a one-time payment in advance.

    Note: You may cancel a scheduled payment up to the day before the payment date, but not on the scheduled payment date.

  8. My account is disconnected. Can I still pay my bill online?


    Get step-by-step instructions on how to pay your bill on a disconnected account.

  9. When will my payment be processed?

    Scheduled payments: It will be debited from your checking account or charged to your credit/debit card on the scheduled payment date.

    One-time payments: It will be debited or charged within 24 hours of submitting the payment.

  10. I have a prepaid account. Where can I find information on making a payment?

    Refer to the Making Payments section of our Prepaid Service FAQs for information on prepaid payments.

  11. What payment arrangements are available if I can't submit my bill payment by the due date?

    If you can't pay your bill on time,payment arrangements that you may be eligible to set up are:

    • Scheduled payment
    • Promise to pay

    Visit our Payment Arrangement & Promise to Pay FAQs to learn how you can set up a payment arrangement in the My Verizon app or online with your smartphone, tablet or computer browser.